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Douglas DC 3 Dakota Aircraft Spectrem Air pleasure flights arrived BTJ Airport Aceh

The world does not have too many working Douglas DC 3 Dakota Aircraft, however, a highly modified version has recently arrived in Aceh for refueling and crew remaining overnight.
Douglas DC 3 Dacota Aircraft Spectrem Air ZS-ASN
Douglas DC 3 Dacota Aircraft Spectrem Air ZS-ASN

South African registered Basler BT-67 from Spectrem Air, ZS-ASN, has returned to Aceh skies from Palembang to conduct electromagnetic survey work in the somewhere on earth.

Arriving into Banda Aceh from Palembang, the aircraft stopped over in BTJ Airport before heading to Colombo.

The Dakota started life as a DC-3A-467, or a C-47B-40-DK, with a serial of 44-77249. It was delivered to the USAAF on 30 June 1945 before being transferred to the RAF on 2 July 1945 as a Dakota Mk.IV, with a serial of KP279.

The Douglas Aircraft Company Inc construction plate is clearly stamped as a DC-3C.

It then went on to civilian life in several countries around the globe including a stint with British European Airways on passenger services as G-AMNV in the sixties.

While carrying the civil registration of ZS-ASN, this venerable Dakota became the 11th of her ilk to be converted to a Basler BT-67 Turbo Dakota.

Spectrem Air is a world leader in airborne electromagnetic technology and is developing a super conductor magnetic gradiometer referred to as SQUID that will improve the capability of the sensors used in aerial geophysical survey work.

Coupled with this, the company has developed an in-house designed and manufactured Spectremplus platform resulting in the most powerful airborne electromagnetic system in the world.
With the size of the aircraft used, they can operate very powerful sensors allowing in increased depth of ground penetration to a depth of 800 metres while maintaining a high level of detail in the near surface geology.

Spectrem Air is currently working on computer software development which will result in enhanced airborne geophysical data processing generating 3D models resembling the actual ground geology, keeping the company at the leading edge in airborne geophysics.

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